Han-Snap® - Mounting System Switch Cabinets

In response to end customer needs machine manufacturers are building equipment to a modular design concept. Machine complexity is increasing, as are the constant demands to meet cost budgets and tight installation deadlines.

Switch cabinet with Han-Snap®. IMA Maschinenfabriken Klessmann GmbH, Luebbecke, Germany

The HARTING Han-Snap® System provides the machine manufacturer with an opportunity to optimise their design in line with their customer’s requirements. The Han-Snap components are fitted to standard DIN rails, in enclosed electrical enclosures, without the use of special tools. This allows the use of a wide range of HARTING standard multi-pole connector inserts for different electrical applications. This concept reduces the number of hoods and housings and terminal blocks required in an installation. Multi-enclosure systems can be built and fully tested before delivery to the customer.

Due to the use of connectors in conjunction with the Han-Snap® components machine sub-systems can be simply reconnected at the time of installation eliminating the possibility of wiring errors and real cost savings can be achieved.