HARTING Connectors - Power Supplier for Laser Cutting Systems

Laser cutting systems do offer a high degree of precision within modern manufacturing. For the power supply to these systems as well as for control purposes the designers of laser systems trust the reliable HARTING connectors.

2D and 3D Laser Cutting Machines, PRIMA INDUSTRIE SpA, Regina Margherita, Italy

The usage of lasers becomes more and more important in mechanical manufacturing, especially in the automotive industry. HARTING connectors help that these laser systems are working precisely and reliable, and additionally they offer the possibility of replacing system components in case of a breakdown fast and easily.

The robust connector hoods & housings do protect the inserts from dirt, humidity and also welding sparks which are quite common within a manufacturing process. The insert for example could be for power transmission a Han® 24E with cage clamp termination. With this insert the power transmission via 24 contacts (nominal current: 16A; 500V) within one housing can be realised.

The cage clamp termination offers benefits within the assembly process of the machine as well as it provides a very high stability against vibration.

Sensitive signals - like needed for the control of the laser system - can be transmitted by using the Han-Modular Quintax® insert. The very good screening attenuation of this insert takes care that these sensitive signals are not disturbed by any existing electromagnetic interference, and by this helps to guarantee a reliable functionality of the whole laser system.