Automation in the Smallest Space

Han DD® and Han-Modular® in Reis-Robots

Reis-robot, type RV 16. Reis GmbH & Co, Obernburg, Germany

Many casting houses are now refitting existing and installling new stations with robots to assure process automization and quality of the cast parts.

The installation of the robots often poses space problems as the machine was already designed around the part and material flow process without the robots.

The challenge is to find the optimum regarding machine functional efficiency, accessibility and expansion possibilities in the future.

Han® industrial connectors play an important role in the robotic technology sector as they help solve the above challenges. The use of Han® connectors not only helps obtain the necessary flexibility that such critical space environments demand, but also allows quick set-up times and reduces the effort needed when changing the cast parts, thus reducing costs. The connectors provide both the power transfer and data communication from the control cabinet to the robot.

Here the Han DD® and Han-Modular® series are used to connect the system components.The flexible possibilities shown by the sucessful use of connectors in the robotic industry can also be transfered in other industrial areas as well and thus lead the way for use in technologies of the future.