Connections reliable as Steel - SIDMAR

Ethernet Switch and HARTING RJ Industrial System Cabling network in a steel production plant of SIDMAR

System cabling network. SIDMAR N.V., Gent, Belgium

SIDMAR N.V., part of the French ARCELOR-Group, focuses on the production of flat steel products. High quality is a must for SIDMAR’s customers as the steels finding use in the automotive industry, for example, must be of a premium type.

In order to guarantee high quality standards, SIDMAR has installed a camera system along production lines. At different steps of the production process photos are taken of each individual product. The cameras make four photos per product, and these photos are stored in addition to the normal production data. In this way SIDMAR realizes a complete follow-up of the production process of each end product.

An Ethernet system based on HARTING technology solutions links the cameras. Industrial Ethernet switches are the core elements of the Ethernet system. The HARTING Ethernet Switch ESC 67-10 RJ Industrial offers switch functionality in connection with a very robust, shock- and vibration resistant metal housing offering IP 65 / 67 protection. Thanks to the specific metal material of the housing, the switch provides a very high mechanical stability. It is highly shock and vibration resistant, and additionally incorporates very good resistance against electromagnetic interferences.

The HARTING RJ Industrial connectors offer Cat. 5 transmission based on RJ 45 connector technology in addition to proven mechanical stability and robustness.

The combination of the HARTING Ethernet Switch, the metal connectors and the industrially proven cables represents a perfect solution for the harsh environmental conditions prevailing at SIDMAR manufacturing facilities.