Modular Connector Systems at Packaging Machines

Modular packaging machines today require flexible interfaces. HARTING's connector series Han-Modular® is consistently converting this trend into action.

Cigarette packing machine C 800, G. D. S. p. A., Bologna, Italy

In place of a strictly configured insert, the modular system is based on a retaining frame and individual modules. Using this system, the modules are assembled and dismantled in the die-cast frames with no working aids. There is a housing for all applications in the robust Han® series.

With the aid of different modules, electrical signals and outputs can be made compatible. Moreover, modules for providing plug-in facilities for pneumatic tubes, fibre optic cables and coaxial cables are available. Besides this, a module has been implemented with the Han-Quintax®, which makes possible a potentially independent screen transmission, in particular from bus lines.