Connection for SEW-EURODRIVE Drive Technology

“Step by Step to the Future”

Drive technology from SEW Eurodrive

For the realisation of a „quick equipment replacement“ HARTING industrial connectors play a major role for SEW-EURODRIVE on gear motors and drive units.

The electrical installation of machines and plant must be achieved in a timely and cost effective manner. A solution based on standard termination technology is well accepted in the manufacturing and factory automation markets.

Industrial connectors Han® – according to the application with standard or EMC housings and Han E® or Han-Modular® inserts – are an integral part of many SEW-EURODRIVE devices.

This concept is - regarding connection safety and documentation as well as in terms of minimisation of down-time and installation costs - clearly superior to classic motor connections via a junction plate.

SEW-EURODRIVE gear motor with HARTING Industrial Connector

Drives vary considerably concerning their electrical parameters. These requirements are covered by a wide range of different connectors that enable additional customer specific functions like double connection per mating face connector contact. The replacement of a drive unit can be carried out by personnel in the shortest possible time. Therefore risks due to downtime or breakdown costs can be reduced to a minimum. The use of pre-assembled and standardised connections virtually eliminates the risk of incorrect terminations. In applications with decentralised drive networks hybrid connections with data and power lines avoid the grave implications due to faulty junctions. So the time and cost intensive error search can be reduced to a minimum. The connection of the motor side is done by SEW-EURODRIVE generally according to optimum production and test conditions. Therefore a permanent high quality level can be assured. Industrial connectors are – according to environmental conditions – available in different housing variants. The protection degree is generally IP 65 or higher. EMC connections can also be easily and quickly achieved.

Use of the Online Configurator

Online Configurator in HARKIS®

In order to help the customer in selecting the appropriate connector for his application an online configurator for the various SEW-EURODRIVE connector solutions has been implemented. Here the user is enabled to find the applicable “counterpart” for his SEW connector requirements. To a certain degree final configurations may be done as well. By offering only pre-selected assignments invalid or not recommended combinations of contacts, inserts and housings cannot be selected and are therefore avoided.

This software solution was developed in close co-operation between SEW-EURODRIVE and HARTING and implemented into the HARTING Catalogue Information System HARKIS®. With the help of the HARKIS® configurator a complete part list for the required connector can easily be generated. In a total overview every connector option is completed with an illustration of the wiring at the motor side.

Special user parameters e.g. customer specific wire gauges for crimp contacts are also implemented in the tool.

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