Cost efficient Connection of high-voltage Switches for outdoor use

High-voltage power switch (Siemens AG PTD, Berlin, Germany)

The power circuit breaker 3AP1 FI is for high voltage up to 145 kV for outside operation. It consists of three insulator columns with one operating unit each and a shared control unit. The insulator columns contain an interrupter unit and the necessary drives. To ensure a secure operation (switching) the three interrupters are controlled electronically. A high quality connection between the drives an the control unit therefore is obligatory.

This connection is realized by usage of a 46 pole special cables to feed the sensing and acting signals. To minimize the assembly work the connections are pluggable. The premanufactured cables are to be tested before shipping and minimize the possibility of failures. On the other hand service and maintenance are provided easily.

Because the circuit breaker can be used outside the considered environmental conditions has to be expected. Especially variation in temperature and humidity are looming large. Also snow and ice can not be excluded. For this reason the usage of Han® HPR hoods an gaskets special developed for this kind of impacts are mandatory. These hoods have passed all the necessary tests and proofs to do their work in the best way.