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At HARTING, we like to give our customers the products they want, to the last detail. We know you like to use Industry Standard products for cost and fast development times - but who doesn’t like that extra functionality to make your product better, more reliable and stand out from the rest?

We specialise in Custom interconnect products, from modified VME right through to fully custom, including hybrid backplanes and flex-rigid solutions.

With our designs, we aim to minimise or remove wiring and provide dependable, repeatable assemblies.


Want to lose unreliable wiring?

The Flex-Rigid assembly is an elegant solution. Wiring can be greatly reduced or even completely removed. HIS can design and manufacture.


Want to use Industry Standard Platforms with that little extra functionality?

Project-Specific Customisation…

Any Standard Platform can be modified to suit your application. From VME64x to VPX, HIS have the layout and signal integrity skills to complete the design and ensure you get the system integrity and signal speeds you need.


Signal Integrity

Ensuring correct design.....
Proving the results.....

PCB Design

Perfect results.....
Repeatable results.....


Click here for more information on our Signal Integrity capabilities


Co-ordinated Mechanical design

Customised and rugged.....


Asia Manufacturing

Fast prototyping.....
Manufacturing to IPC class III.....

For more information, or to discuss your project today, please call Syed Mumtaz on 91 80 41330555, or email on syed.mumtaz@HARTING.com

We look forward to helping you with our custom solutions!


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Syed Mumtaz
Product Application Manager
Tel: +91 80 41330555


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